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Nepal Ambulance Service

Nepal Ambulance Service Urgent appeal for Nepal Earthquake on Vimeo.


Bernie + female patient 002Friends of Nepal Ambulance service are deeply appreciative of the generous outpouring of support for NAS received in response to the earthquake crisis.

Friends of Nepal Ambulance Service will be conducting its Annual General Meeting of trustees in mid January and shortly thereafter we will be publishing a detailed accounting of what FoNAS were able to achieve in 2015 thanks to the generous support of volunteers and friends.

Please remember that 100% of your contributions are promised to NAS. Contributing to NAS by clicking on the Donate button will enable us to help Nepal Ambulance Service provide the emergency medical services that are so critical in these trying times following two major earthquakes and countless aftershocks which continue to disturb daily life in Kathmandu. All monies contributed under this appeal will be utilized for earthquake related purposes.

Friends of Nepal Ambulance is a very small group of UK and American volunteer doctors assisted by a handful of other volunteers. We are making every effort to respond to your questions and acknowledge your generosity. It may however take us a little time to respond to all of you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Friends of NAS are ever creating new ways to help. For instance Peter Philips organised a sponsored walk for Nepal Ambulance Service to Kinder Low in Derbyshire’s Peak District. Pete and friends raised £400 for NAS. Pete writes “It has been a pleasure to help FoNAS and my good mate Bernie.” It seems Pete has other fund raising schemes up his sleeve too. We look forward to hearing more from Pete.

Pete Philips and friends raised £400 for NAS in a sponsored walk to Kinder Low in Derbyshire’s Peak District.


The following posts from Dr Kulesh Thapa and Dr Paul Auerbach will fill you in on how NAS performed during the immediate earthquake crisis:

Dr Kulesh Thapa is Medical Director of Nepal Ambulance Service:

“Dear all,
We are all very much aware of the devastating effects of the earthquake in Nepal. All board members and staff of Nepal Ambulance Service have been very busy during the rescue and relief phases of the earthquake response. The NAS board would like to thank its international partners who have joined hands and supported the NAS team in this valiant effort. I have been asked to convey this message to all our international partners. The board feels that NAS’ successful response would not have been possible without the help and support from the partners of NAS namely Stanford Emergency Team, Friends of NAS UK, and Regio 144 from Switzerland.Therefore the NAS board members woulfd like to thank all the above mentioned partners and the NAS staff who showed their dedication during this difficult period.The board would also like to continue its partnership with the above mentioned organizations and work towards a better future of NAS.”

There can hardly be a more satisfying report on the performance of NAS EMT crews and ambulances than the Facebook post made recently by Dr Paul Auerbach, formerly of Stanford University Medical School: Here’s a bit of it:

“This week, as NAS was challenged to profoundly stretch the limits of its system and endurance, their EMTs and staff have responded to the need and are more passionate than ever about the task at hand. When I was in Nepal this past week, I watched the EMTs and all who support them at work, and have never seen a more dedicated group of individuals. I watched them toil nonstop without taking time to eat or drink. They had to be forced to rest. Each EMT feels personally responsible for saving Kathmandu, and I write with conviction that NAS deserves all the support it can get.”

To see Dr Auerbach’s entire FB post click here Dr Paul Auerbach Facebook post

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Children in ambulance
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