The Nepal Ambulance Service (NAS) accounts are discouraging to read. With no government support NAS regularly reports net losses. Its most recent audit for 2016 lists a gross shortfall of expenditures over revenues approaching £19,000.

Regularly recurring losses offset only occasionally by one-off donations is not a business model inspiring confidence in the longterm survival of NAS. It is for this reason that a primary aim of Friends of NAS is to provide a more regular income stream to NAS to fund specific requirements of the service

Since 2012, well before it received UK Charity status, Friends of NAS has transferred nearly £13,000 to NAS. In order for Friends of NAS Trustees to maintain control over funds raised in the UK, transfers to NAS are governed by strict guidelines from Friends of NAS as to how NAS can spend the funds.

On a case by case basis, Friends of NAS does allow UK raised funds to be used to pay salaries of emergency medical technicians and ambulance drivers. Friends of NAS has also authorised ambulance vehicle maintenance expenses.

While day-to-day operational expenses of essential staff and equipment are supported, Friends of NAS will not pay off NAS loans and/or the accruing interest on the outstanding loans.

Friends of NAS is committed to keeping NAS ambulances on the road and in the absence of government or other institutional support, Friends of NAS has deemed it appropriate to pay limited operating expenses otherwise the service would collapse. Traditionally, international donors prefer to finance capital infrastructure costs while declining to cover recurrent or operational expenses such as wages and salaries, interest payments, subsidies and transfer fees. However in the case of NAS, salaries, petrol and vehicle maintenance costs are requisite expenses that, under the current fees-for-service limitations imposed by government, NAS cannot fully recover. Until longterm government or institutional support can be secured for NAS, FoNAS is willing to cover select overhead expenses that traditional donors will not.

Capital Accumulation

In 2016 Friends of NAS changed its financial assistance strategy. Rather than transferring periodic small amounts to support operational expenses, Friends of NAS adopted a short term capital accumulation strategy which will allow Friends of NAS to play a much bigger role in the building of a viable NAS infrastructure especially now that NAS has been officially launched in Pokhara and Friends of NAS is the lead international partner.

Friends of NAS aims to make the most of its unique and privileged position as clinical advisor and primary funding source for NAS Pokhara. This much higher profile involvement provides the opportunity for Friends of NAS to work closely with the Government of Nepal, and particularly the Ministry of Health, to establish sound and consistent regulations for a truly nationwide EMS.

As expansion plans to Pokhara evolve Friends of NAS will update this page with progress reports and a more detailed accounting for Friends of NAS investments in NAS Pokhara.

Nepali sadhus renounce accumulation!


Friends of NAS provides financial backing for operational expenses including salaries, clinical advice, emergency medical technician training and support, emergency medical equipment donations and managerial guidance.


Your support is crucial to Friends of NAS UK’s efforts to assist ‘Nepal Ambulance Service.

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