Friends of NAS is seeking institutional support for an in-country awareness campaign to highlight the importance of pre-hospital emergency medical care throughout Nepal.

Lack of awareness

The majority of “ambulances” in Nepal carry no medical professionals nor any emergency equipment or medication. In addition, it is still unfortunately true that most people who present themselves to emergency departments in Kathmandu actually arrive by taxi.

Additionally, many Nepalis believe that emergency care begins only when you get to hospital and will risk aggravating traumatic injuries bouncing along in a taxi or pickup truck to get to the emergency department at a hospital as soon as possible.

In short, health literacy in Nepal is poor and knowledge of first aid skills is minimal. Even in major cities, when it comes to moving seriously ill or injured patients to hospital, Nepalis are unaware of the benefits of using a NAS ambulance over a taxi. Without a public awareness and education campaign, even the most high-tech emergency medical equipment will be of little use to the Nepalese population as they will be unaware of its value or how to make use of it.

The lack of awareness among the general public, community leaders, politicians and even the Nepali medical community about the importance of pre-hospital emergency care—and the fact that it is already available today in NAS ambulances—is a constraint to the long term success of NAS. This information deficiency is a challenge that Friends of NAS hope to address by applying for grants from appropriate grant making organizations to fund a public awareness campaign about the benefits of NAS.

Check back regularly for updates on Friends of NAS grant submissions.


Whenever needed, Friends of NAS has extended emergency assistance and relief to NAS in the form of emergency funding, medical equipment and paramedic personnel.


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