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FoNAS volunteers in Nepal

Annie Peskett and Jonathan Williams, paramedics with the South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust, spent two months in Nepal in late 2019.

They were initially tasked by NAS Medical Director Dr. Kulesh Thapa with cataloguing call data taken in the last 12 months. The purpose of this exercise was to provide supporting evidence that NAS call volume was increasing and to identify trends in the data.

Jonny and Annie hands on workshop

They sifted through call data on the NAS computer and categorised data into types of call outs. 


Jonny and Annie also spent time with new dispatcher staff teaching Basic Life Support (BLS) drills.


These two experienced paramedics also developed useful new clinical aid memoirs which are currently deployed by the service. 

With our focus on improving quality and training, FoNAS plan to send additional paramedics as soon as COVID-19 travel plans allow.


We are keen to build on the important work of Jonny and Annie and all the other professional UK pramdeics who have volunteered in Nepal over the years on behalf of FoNAS. 

Jonny lecture
Demonstration event in Kathmandu Durbar Square
Intubation lesson
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