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Stanford Emergency Medicine International (SEMI), founded in 2000, focuses on human development the establishment and strengthening of emergency care systems. SEMI partners closely with in-country organisations and since 2008 has been the principal driving force behind the training of Nepal Ambulance Service EMS technicians.

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Regio 144

Zurich ambulance company which supports a NAS ambulance in the Chitwan District, an area adjoining the Indian border. Regio 144 regularly assists in training of NAS EMTs.


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International Medical Corps is a global humanitarian nonprofit organization established by volunteer doctors and nurses. The organisation is a global first responder during disasters and humanitarian crises and first encountered NAS ambulances providing relief in Kathmandu immediately after the April 2015 earthquake. IMC was so impressed with Nepal Ambulance Service that it donated an additional 10 brand new ambulances to the NAS fleet. 

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