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What visitors are asking

  • What is the COVID-19 situation in Nepal?
    COVID-19 is present in Nepal and while the total number of confirmed cases remain small there is great concern that incidence may be more wide spread than documented cases indicate. Land borders with India as well as China had been completely sealed off, and all international flights suspended although discussions on relaxing these restraints are underway. However Kathmandu will remain in lockdown until 15 May at least.
  • What about travel in Nepal? Is it safe?
    Because of COVID-19 travel to Nepal is all but impossible until further notice. You can check on UK Governemt travel adice for Nepal at this link: UK Government Travel Advisory Normally travel in Nepal is quite safe. Tourism is a major component of its economy.
  • Can paramedics get involved?
    We are very keen to hear from any UK paramedics who may be interested in supporting FoNAS with training or resources. There may be an opportunity for you and your station to sponsor one of the Nepal Ambulance Service's dedicated Emergency Medical Technicians, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.
  • What about corruption in Nepal?
    Corruption is undeniably an issue in Nepal. Crucially NAS is very careful to maintain a very clean and professionally audited operation, with impeccable accountability regarding the funding they receive from us. Hence FoNAS is very confident that your money is going to the right places, truly helping the sick and injured of Nepal. ​ Importantly the UK Charity Commission require FoNAS to document how its donations are used by NAS in Nepal and FoNAS is diligent in its compliance.
  • Do FoNAS arrange medical electives?
    In response to COVID-19 Nepal have severely restricted immigration and implemented strict controls on internal social movement. As a result, the limited medical electives that FoNAS offer have been suspended until further notice.Currently FoNAS offer assistance in organising medical electives, the majority of which focus on learning how emergencies are dealt with in Pokhara and reporting on the results. See more on medical electives on our What We Do page.
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