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Volunteer Organisation

Friends of NAS was granted charitable status by the UK Charity Commission in 2015. Friends of NAS is a volunteer organisation operating out of privately owned work spaces generously provided without cost. Friends of NAS work with an agency for promotional and fundraising assistance, however nearly 95% of all donations to Friends of NAS are used to directly support NAS.

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International Partners

Friends of NAS work in collaboration with a handful of private and corporate donors including the Nick Simons Foundation and two other international organisations:


Stanford Emergency Medicine International in California (SEMI), which provides EMT training to NAS; and


Regio 144, a small ambulance company near Zurich that contributes operational costs and refresher training for a NAS ambulance and its crew in Chitwan near the Indian border.


Nepal Ambulance Service is the first and only professionally trained pre-hospital emergency medicine provider in Nepal. It is the only ambulance service that operates a 3 digit toll-free phone number and screens incoming calls in its telephone dispatch centre.

New Models of EMS for Nepal

Friends of Nepal Ambulance Service are committed to the long-term development of quality Emergency Medical Services in Nepal and to exploring completely new models of EMS for a country where the remoteness of much of Nepal’s population in the mountainous terrain beyond established road networks makes access to health infrastructure extremely difficult.


Beyond questions of terrain, FoNAS studies have also shown there are complex traditional and cultural attitudes which complicate the delivery of EMS. We need your support to better understand these issues and implement appropriate interventions to overcome them.

Our Mission
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