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Nepal Ambulance Service impresses in Covid-19 response
Thamel in semi-lockdown 

Courtesy of Nepalitimes.com

With much of Kathmandu at a standstill during the recent pandemic lockdown, the common Nepali practice of transporting ill patients to hospital via taxi or public mass transportation came to an abrupt halt. 


However, because Nepal Ambulance Service vehicles and EMTs were still working – and are well prepared to handle suspected Covid-19 cases – there has been a surge in NAS 102 call outs. Friends of NAS consider this a positive development that may lead to a long term behaviour change.  The more Nepalis who experience the benefits of NAS ambulances overs taxis, the closer we get to that “critical mass” needed to shift attitudes toward EMS.

In addition to its ambulance runs caring for suspected Covid-19 patients, NAS EMTs have conducted key training programmes for Nepal Army, Police and Armed Police Force in the use of personal protective equipment and proper biomedical waste management.


The training took place at Shree Birendra Hospital and was supervised by NAS Medical Director Dr Kulesh Thapa.

Disinfection techiques
How to dress in PPE
A pdf Report on NAS and Covid-19 for May 2020

NAS has produced a pdf report summarising its activities and interventions addressing the Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal.


The pdf viwer below allows you to scroll through the report page by page


Email: chairman@fonas.co.uk

Registered Charity: 1164462

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