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Operations before COVID-19

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Our Covid-19 Response

NAS have seen a staggering increase in the amount of ambulance call-outs since the outbreak of the pandemic. NAS are now one of the key national Covid-19 response providers. 


FoNAS donors have been instrumental in keeping NAS EMTs, drivers and their patients safe by providing funding for desperately needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). So far FoNAS have committed £9,000 to safeguarding NAS operations.


NAS have transferred over 1200 confirmed positive Covid cases with a further 800 suspected. Despite this, remarkably no EMTs or NAS management have been infected thanks in large part to effective safety protocols and the PPE financed by FoNAS. 


Your contributions are immensely important. Thank you donors! Read more about our Covid-19 response here.

Above is Friends of NAS Facebook appeal to help acquire desperately needed PPE for ambulance crews

 Recent Highlights

A Growing Problem ... An Infodemic!

Nepal Ambulance Service president Ranjit Acharya recently posted the above photo to his Facebook page. It references the growing problem in Nepal of threats, discrimination and even sometimes violence directed against healthcare workers throughout the country. 

The Nepali text reads:

" I am proud to serve the nation"

Thank You

Nepal Ambulance Service 102”


The stigmatisation and threats against medical workers involved in the fight against Covid-19 is a quite serious problem caused by misinformation and inflamed by irresponsible social media. The Kathmandu Post refers to the problem as an Infodemic. Read The Kathmandu Post story here.

Statistics March through mid August
Bus Accident and Landslide

While coronavirus cases in Nepal continue to rise at an alarming rate – increasing NAS call-outs significantly – regular ambulance runs still demand attention.


On 16 June NAS ambulances were summoned to Tribuwan International Airport to transport seriously injured patients involved in a bus accident at Bhairahawa. The patients were transferred to Grande International Hospital for treatment. 

Meanwhile on 3 July in rural Gulmi patients injured in a landslide were taken to Tribuwan Teaching Hospital and Birendra Sainik Hospital for further treatment. Patients suffered  serious head injuries and multiple fractures.

5,000 Patients Served in April, May and June
Ranjit FB post 23 June 2020.png

In a Facebook post of 23 June Nepal Ambulance Service President Ranjit Acharya shared the above table.

Chaitra is March-April, Baisakh is April-May and Jestha is May-June

Ranjit proudly says, "We served about 5000 patients during these 3 months of lockdown, and served about 600 people suspected with Covid19. Our service continues..."

UK paramedics training Nepali EMTs

Paramedics representing FoNAS spent 2 months in Nepal. Analysing data, teaching EMTs, helping with training exercises. Read more ...

Ambulance call-outs have increased steeply as NAS ambulances play a crucial role in transporting Covid-19 patients. Read more...

NAS ambulances runs are on the increase

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